Ecotric UL Certified Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike

EcotricSKU: C-NROC26S900-MB
Sale price$969.00

xPark Electric is proud to offer your Ecotric UL Certified Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike with:
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
Color: Black
Total: $969.00


Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

What an incredible price for this magnificent bike can’t wait to use it for a longer distance I just wish that the seat had more spring ability

Tom T. A.
All around awesome bike.

I've had it for just under 2 weeks, I've only ridden it 16 miles so far but I love it! assembly was a breeze, Some reviewers have stated they felt it should have been a 48 volt bike, but in my opinion, it does just fine with 36 volts. The only critical thing I can say, isn't even about the bike, but rather the lack of instructions about the LCD controller, more specifically, the programming menu, I had to look it up on you tube to get any information about making a few small changes in how it functioned.

Frank Vistocci
A beast of a bike

It's a really nice and great product. The only complaint I have is that with the the wide tires you get the height difference that comes with them. To make the the 4inch width you need a new wheel height to accommodate it, so the bike frame height rises a few inches. I'm 5' 10" who can normally fit a 26" bike but the Rockets new height made it very difficult for me to not only mount the bike but I also had to be standing on my toes just to stand with the bike. The top bar was right up on my underside, its a tall bike bike and was a safety concern for me. But it is a beast of a bike that has a lot of power and good for people taller than me!

Marc Blumer
Love my new Rocket Fat Tire Bike!

I lovey new Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow E-Bike! It's everything that I was hoping for and more.

Alan Sagot
Sweet bike

Got one for me and one for my wife. Worth every penny ! Very happy. Even thinking about getting a couple more for the kids . Riding bike is fun again !!!

Chris C Eveland
Password security Screen Display Option

I had my 1st Ecotric Rocket was stolen at work , went and bought one more with the blue rims this time & 3 U-locks .
It would be Helpful to have a Password to unlock our Display Screens , just as we do with our Phones . I find it Odd we do not have that option

Gordon Ahl
Rocket e bike

Great bike, handle bars a little to forward for me
I liked the bars on the hammer e bike that I also have

Robert Cook
A New World of Biking for Me

The bike was easy to put together but the instructions showed a front axle quick release that wasn't sent with my bike. I was blown away with the quality of this bike. It was no frills but other similar bikes online that had a couple of fenders and and a light were twice as much, so it was a great deal. The Fedex label was apparently unreadable, so it took 7 days to get the bike. Customer service was kinda of sorta helpful. Once I received it it was in excellent shape with no dents or scratches. Riding it feels like a Cadillac compared to my "mere mortal" bikes. You can scream across the road to get away from traffic you can power up grassy hills with ease, or you can turn everything off to get a nice cardio work out. The bike is heavy and tall, so it's not a good fit for someone small. The seat was too skinny for my big butt since I'm a 240 pounder, so I replaced it with a more comfortable replacement. Even at my weight, battery life seems to be excellent. Looking forward to tomorrow's ride which I can't say about my previous bike.

Richard H Mahan
The up and down side

Ok I have attempted several times to post my view but somehow seem to loose it so I'm going to make this short no pics this bike works well a way for me to get around seems solid concerns are air pressure in tires won't hold rim separation I notice when putting together and the fenders are flimsy and not to secure like I would want it to be for the price of plastic .the seat is to narrow for me so I ordered a wider seat from Walmart they have some nice accessories as well for ebikes cheaper I give this bike a four rating because of my concerns . Especially at this price point.

Michael Sutherlin
Rocket is solid

This is a very good bike to ride. I do most all paved riding transition from sidewalks to street or grass is smoother bumps and pot holes have less impact because of the shocks and fat tires. I'm 5'6" and just able to stand on the ground while over the bar. I bought a laid back seat post which gives more clearance to stand in middle of bike. That is what may make this bike too big for short people, can't reach the ground without hitting the top bar. Once your peddling all is Great!
Problem: no instructions for programming the S 900 computer. Not knowing how to set all 12 program choices is inconvenient.
Problem: front wheel has to be aligned or the bike won't go straight. Can't take both hands off handlebars while coasting, bike won't steer stright.

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