GoTrax G Pro 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

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Solid Tires for the G Pro
inner tubes vs solid tires

the inner tubes are thin and wear out from rubbing against the inside walls of the tire. The G Pro needs solid honeycomb tires.

Think of all of the gas money I can save.

I live 2.3 miles from my job on Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. This is the perfect alternative to driving my car which holds 10 gal of gas. Tucson gas is $3.70-$4.00/gal as of Oct 2022. I fill up 2x a month. 10x$3.70=$37/tank or 24x$37= $888/yr. If I ride this scooter half the time and drive my car the other half I can save $444 per year in gas. Plus, I get to work in 12 to 16 minutes which is about the same time it takes in my car sitting at red lights and yelling at people in

minor faults comfort and confidence

I drove about 30 km. I will share my experiences.
When I first used it, I noticed that some screws were making noise and turning idle. I tightened them myself. check them. especially the screws that the wheel is connected to. when I tightened them, the noise decreased. but there is a sound when there is a vibration from the rear wheel. i couldn't solve it. i think it is due to the gap of the plastic apparatus in the middle of the wheel. i think it is some minor technical defects. other than that, it is quite enjoyable. spacious and comfortable. satisfying on the slopes!


I was waiting for Gotrax to drop a scooter with some suspension. The three wheel design is super stable and a smooth ride. Love the front and rear brakes as well. Truly a safe ride.

Jamie S.
Obsessed with this scooter

I never knew I needed a 3 wheel electric scooter until I got this one. It feels SO safe to ride and I have terrible balance. I really appreciate how wide the deck is too. Worth the price point 100%