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Great Commuter Bike - Steep grades included!

I bought the bike to commute to work. The biggest challenge of my commute is a short (475 foot) road that is very steep 16% grade on my return home. I am a 200 plus pound ride so I was curious if the bike would have enough power to climb that incline. With the pedal assist set on 5 and the gear set in 1 I can stand up pedaling and the bike is able to climb the short steep incline. My entire commute is around 5 miles one way, driving a car it takes me 20 minutes door to door with the F2 my commute is 25 minutes.

GoTrax F2 Electric Bike
Montressa Barbee
Amazing little bike so far!

First, bravo GoTrax for the BEST shipping protected item ever!! There was no way for this bike to get damaged in shipment - EVERYTHING was protected. 98% assembled out of the box. Unfolding, installing the pedals, putting the seat in the stem and putting the handlebars in it's stem counts as 2%. It had a charge and I was immediately able to take a spin!! We bought two bikes. One was perfect, the other was almost perfect. It has a bit of a rubbing sound in the rear end. I'm sure it's a minor adjustment (as they pointed out in the description - it might happen - so I was ready for that). We are taking the bikes on their first RV trip this weekend and we are SO looking forward to seeing what the bikes can do. If initial indications are anything like what we can expect, this is gonna be FUN!!!

Love it!

Awesome e-bike. First e-bike I ever bought and so didn't know what to expect. Figured it best to go with a known brand like gotrax and the F2 did not disappoint. I am ~6' 2 " and it suits me well with the handle and seat adjustments. goes quick, pedal assist is fantastic, easy to use and a very comfortable ride. came fully assembled - basically took it out of the box and made a few easy customizations. built-in front and rear lights are bright and great for night riding. I get 40 miles easily from a charge. bike is sturdy and well built. have had it for ~2 months and ~175 miles - not a single issue with it - really happy with the purchase!

This is my second purchase of this, so let’s just say my family loves the electric bike

Awesome electric bike

Bigger than I thought. Is kind of loud which I did not expect. Works as advertised.

Easy to setup, fun to ride

Great Value and Perfect for a First Electric Bike

My Review is PENDING. It was supposed to have 5 Stars but came out as only One Star. Please correct

Love it!

Very fun bike. Way better than the S2 we received before this one.

Perfect to go longer distance

Not Tested yet.

It’s a Christmas gift. No one has tested it out.

F2 E-Bike "White"

This is my second Gotrax e-bike purchase. I must say these are the most comfortable and reliable reasonable price bikes. I get lots of people stopping me, asking questions about how is the ride, speed and so on. I give the my honest opinion. They’re some darn good e-bikes and I highly recommend them if you’re in the market of purchasing on, for yourself or kid. My first I purchased was the r1. My second one is the f2. Will be out tomorrow with a group ride putting the f2 to the test.

Excellent piece of machinery

I absolutely love riding my GO TRAX F2.

GoTrax F2 Electric Bike
Kelly Woodyard
Excellent Customer Service!

I had a warranty claim for an issue during assembly and gotrax went above and beyond to fix the issue! They were prompt and friendly and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. I think all of my adult children want their own! This is the most fun I have had since my 40s. Be ready to zoom! We love our two bikes we purchased from gotrax.

GoTrax F2 Electric Bike
Duwane Montrose


Best Scooter Ever!

This thing is a beast! It has so much power and so much energy and I love using this to commute around my college campus.

Lincoln's Scooter

My 9 year old son loves his Go Trax Scooter !!! He will come home after taking it out for a spin and let me know how much he loves it !!!

Love it! Definitely a great buy. It's really fast and well put together. I'm having so much fun. Feels like another vehicle honestly. Go ahead and buy it. I promise you will love it!

The Levy Plus Electric Scooter

Overall I’m happy with my scooter. My only problem has been the 6 lower post screws coming loose. I removed them and used locktite but in 10 days loose again. Besides that, no problem. I feel like a little kid having fun every time I ride


GoTrax F2 Electric Bike
Jodi de Graaff
Awesome Bike

I love the bike so much. I want to get a second one because my son rides it.

It doesn’t work and they won’t help

GoTrax F2 Electric Bike
Ralph Hilton Beard
Bikes even better than the great scooters.

My wife and I bought a pair of GL2 scooters several years ago, and other than putting new batteries in them, they've been a blast. We recently purchased a pair of F2 folding ebikes, and they are even better. Fast, smooth and they handle surprising well for the small wheel size. They are also super adjustable to fit pretty much any size rider and fold up so that they take up less room in the back of my pickup. We are looking forward to a little warm weather so we can really put some serious miles on them.

It’s great and fun to ride. Great battery life good speed, nice 10” tires. There are only two things they could upgrade and that is the horn and headlight.

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