Ecotric UL Certified Leopard Electric Mountain Bike


Color: Black
Sale price$879.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Imo, this is one of the perfect ebikes. Great price, amazing bike. The 500W motor is smooth and doesnt jolt or kick too hard, but is still powerful. The bike rides great with the front suspension. Range is good, and I am looking to buy a second battery to double it. Oh yeah and they actually have spare batteries for this in stock as of writing (7/23). Love the black color, it's really sleek. I get compliments on this bike all the time. I would buy it 100 times over. Quite possibly the perfect entry level ebike.

Brian Collins

I recently purchased an Ecotric Leopard. Not a bad bike. I have been enjoying it overall, but am not a fan of the throttle, the shifter mechanism, or the brake lever positions. Having previously had another ebike (Sondors Fold X) I liked the better throttle control that it offered. With a thumb throttle that would override whatever Setting the bike was set for. Also the 5 PAS levels were more evenly spaced, vs the Leopard, levels 1,2 and 3 are all nearly identical, then there are big jumps to 4 and 5. The shifter is too far away, and would be a better solution if it was something like the Shimano Altus 7 speed trigger shifter. as the shift levers would be closer to the right grip position and would be more precise and responsive. Brakes work OK, but, both my front and rear brake pulse when braking, feeling much like warped rotors on an automobile.. So, all in all, this bike would be substantially improved by a different thumb throttle, different trigger style shifters, and better controller programing. Also, to avoid the "Hamster in a cage" in 7th gear and level 5 PAS on level ground, an 11-32 or 11-34 rear freewheel would allow riders to actually get some resistance when traveling in 7th and PAS 5 , provide a bit of a workout.

Kirk Larkins

I’ve had the bike for a week. I’ve put 68 miles on it. I charged the battery when I got the bike. I’m getting about 50 miles with assisted paddling on one charge Wow!! Now I can take rides three times further than I used to. Well worth the money💰. Very happy so far😎

Grady Dry

I have recently bought 2 Leopard mountain bikes to replace my Vortex city bikes. I recently had knee replacement and wanted more power and a smoother ride. I’m 72 and my wife is 69 so you’re never too old to “enjoy the ride”. Great bikes!

Michael Dailey

My first ebike! I love it! shipped, to western Illinois, in two days. Took an additional day to deal with the shipper requiring a signature. Assembly was not difficult. The derailer guard was bent so could not get the chain onto the higher gears. Ecotric still owes me a replacement derailer guard. Overall, quite happy with the purchase so far