Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Ebike - Replacement Battery

Ecotric BatteriesSKU: SH-DC005-MB-UL

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Very happy with the battery & came very quick.

Todd Cargill

New Battery is very good, seems like a different manufacturer, but power galore, the "Hammer" is a pleasure to ride, original battery still going strong with over 600 miles on it, I am 6'2", this bike leans into curves, awesome bike, good to have a backup battery ready to go,,,,TC

D Martin
Great battery, seems better than original battery

This battery performs better than the original.. I’m getting better mileage.
Note…… when charging, it takes a little while for the red charging light to come on.

Salvatore Buudtown DiDonato
New Battery

Fast shipping Battery works great. little pricey, but happy now that my bike will go 25-30 miles without quitting. Thank Ecotric !!!

john oswalt
new battery, no charger

recvd. battery quickly. seems i need new charger, I thought new battery would come with a charger. can u send me a charger? original does not seem to be working properly.

james westrich

2,000 miles- 2 years that still works good, but replaced battery for longer rides over 25 miles with full power!! old one went 15 miles wil keep. came with new batery slide is a plus. You need a 5 mm screw to assemble it 27 cent's.

HJB Pittsburgh
quick service, quality product

Placed order, received quickly. Well packaged. Jake, in customer service, assured I ordered the correct battery and answered questions about my old battery. New battery works great.

Ronald Haight
Battry installed

Installed in bike than found out fast how a good battery should make bike perform. Realized rite away battery That came with bike bought 30 days ago is junk compared to new one . Both full charge on 5 original that came with bike goes down to1 bar in under 2 miles. New one went 20 miles with 2 bars left was obvious battery that came with bike is defective. Informed Electric bike paradise. Refused to do any thing intill send them vidio on full charge voltage than ride 2 miles pull battery out check voltage again .my volt meter is not working .need new one .had for years my volt oms meter. Told them how I tested and did not have meter. Was willing to send battery to them and let them test. They refused to do any thing. Tell me sence when is customer to do test for them.come on . Told them how compared both from full charge. One goes 2 miles .new one went 20 miles 2 bars left.That test should be sufficient. Nope won't do any thing till test with meter. And show them voltage. so guess what. Done dealing with them. Will buy from elsewhere . So when people ask about my bike who do you think I will recaminded

Mark McFeely
New battery for Hammer model.

Shipping was fast, customer service exemplary, after 2+ years I replaced the original battery on my Hammer model, its very nice to have the power of a new battery again.

Paul S
Wanted a backup

The new battery came fast and in perfect condition. It’s great to have a second one for peace of mind and all the extra range. The Hammer is the best e-bike for me with it’s large frame, front suspension and fat tires it can go anywhere. I’m 6’2” and this is the only bike big enough for my long legs. The 48 volt battery gives me more than 20 miles of road and trail range without peddling and there is still plenty of battery left. But having a second battery gives me more options.

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