GreenBike GB750 Electric Bike MAG

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Customer Reviews

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We have logged about 50 miles on the bike and the performance has been great. It was easy to set up. It is a little heavier than some but really solid. I wish the seat adjustment was an inch or two shorter but otherwise no complaints.

M.D. Reese

I purchased my stunning all black GB750 Fat Tire folding bike back in August of 2018 from eBike Generation. I love this bike. It is still going strong. Still taking and holding a charge. Kicking butt with other electric bikes. I have gotten a lot of compliments and thumbs up. Excellent support as well. I was missing a wiring clip and Green Bike support sent me one straight away. You absolutely can't go wrong with this E-bike purchase. Take my word for it. Going to purchase another Green Bike for my wife. I am 6'4" tall, 240lbs and this bike's motor doesn't strain at all and the suspension is awesome. I have never bottomed out the suspension, it's adjustable. The battery just keeps going and going and going. My bike has the smaller 18.2AH battery then the GB750 MAG and I have never run out of charge. This bike folds up and fits in the back seat of my Honda Accord Sedan. Green Bike USA, keep up the good work with your awesome bikes.

Catherine M.

Hubby and I got them to travel with. They fold up so they don’t take much space in our RV, and they are great for exploring around campsites, even off the beaten path. The motor is great since we’re not as strong as we used to be.

Sam M.

I love this bike it runs really smooth it's very safe and I love it because if I have a vehicle go down I have a way to get around to the grocery stores or just to go visit a friend or something it holds a great charge it actually lasts longer than they tell you battery wise I just want to say this is an awesome bike!

Randy Huska

GB750 folding in blue is powerful, fun, beautiful, and very well designed! Paradise includes gifts that just keep coming! Locks, seats, saddle bags etc. They are awesome.

Darren Mullins

Great ebike and very fun to ride. Fast and comfortable. People ask about it everywhere I go on it. The fat tires make it like riding a motorcycle. I picked this one over others because it has mag wheels that look great and are much tougher than spokes, full suspension, and the 48v 20ah battery! I went 15 miles on first ride and only used 15 percent of the battery, and I’m a big heavy guy.

Ronald E Scott

This is my second bike from greenbike and once again nothing but praise. I just hope I get 18,000 miles and five years with my new one.


I have this bike for over a year now excellent for the writer of a 60 years old I would recommend it for everyone who is 6 foot and up. It is the most comfortable bike that I ever had you will enjoy it.


I own a GB750 since 2018. I recently picked up a GB750 MAG. I have owned other brands of e-bikes prior. The MAG is the best all around bike of any e-bike I ever owned. I have over 500 miles on the MAG already and 4800 miles on the GB750. These bikes are used almost daily for running errands and commuting. I love that the MAG has battery range of 30 to 65 miles for me depending on speed and terrain. The acceleration is also quick and the LCD computer 9 levels of assist are spaced out nicely for speed control. The motor on the MAG is slightly louder than the Bafang on the GB750, but the MAG's motor is a little more powerful than the Bafang. This is a no factor comment since it’s still very quiet. The only place the MAG lacks is the FX front fork. I am 210 pounds and the FX fork bottoms very harshly on curbs and square edge bumps if I do not slow down to a crawl. The GB750's Mozo fork takes a lot of abuse without bottoming. I suggest on the next model upgrade, GreenBike throw a Mozo fork on the MAG and not change anything else. They will then have a perfect folding fat tire e-bike. Until that fork upgrade, they still have the best value in the e-bike market due to a great frame, smooth ride, excellent motor, and solid performance. Thanks Green Bike for producing an awesome daily driver.

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