GreenBike GB750 LOW STEP Electric Bike FAT TIRE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
erik nerzig

Was lucky enough to find a GB750 barely used over the weekend from original owner with invoice and papers with 18miles on it
First ride was 15 miles round trip using A95% battery im 6ft 210lbs
and this bike pulled me up the biggest hills at 18mph and does a steady 20mph+ on straits
I used less then half the battery SO I WOULD SAY SO FAR SO GOOD!!
Love the bike well built and sturdy and front suspension eats up pot holes
I looked around ALOT!!! and the bottom line is there no bike that your going to love and be able to have all features you like
This bike checks 9 out of 10 boxs and you cant to much better then that!!
so buy with confidence your getting a very well made machine with this company!

John Billera

The bike was very easy to assemble and I finally got it on the road after a few rainy days.the bike is built like a tank and has tons of power especially going up hills and of coarse it looks great.would give it a higher rating but it only goes up to 5 stars.thank you

Keith Wright

Easy to assemble and a blast riding! Highly recommend these bikes, easy to fold in half and store.


My wife & I initially saw a couple of green bikes bikes while traveling in Galveston. I've done a lot of research on e-bikes, for the features and price point, these bikes are a great option. My wife is 5ft2 so size is important. From looking at the website, we were not sure which bike to get. Laura at Green Bike in Florida advised us. She was very helpful. Eventually, we decided to go to Florida to test ride the bikes. Upon arrival at their office on Coconut Creek, Fl, we were met by Laura and Chris. They had an assortment of bikes outside and ready for us to ride. We rode e models, (loved them all) but felt they were not quite right for us. For us, it was a matter of size requirements. Chris said he had another one (GB750, low step, fat tire), but it was still crated up. He quickly uncrated it and brought it out for us to ride. This bike was the ticket for both my wife and I. It fits both of us well and we're very comfortable riding them. Both Laura and Chris were very helpful, providing us with all the information and taking all the time necessary to help us in our decision making process. We ordered 2 bikes and within a week, we had them with all of the accessories we expected. After some slight assembly (unpacking and unfolding, and charging the battery - no issues and easy to assemble.) we were off and riding. Everything works as expected! We love them. Every one in the neighborhood has stopped us and asked about them!! Thanks Green Bikes.

Venkatesh S

Ordered GB750 LOW STEP FAT TIRE - White online in June 2021 and received it within a week. Price is an attractive deal considering no shipping fee and no tax. Build quality and finish is better than I expected. Anyone who rides this bike for the first time will realize two things immediately. 1. Very quick response when you engage throttle and fast pickup, thanks to high torque motor. Quick pick up is really handy when you are at stop light. 2. This ebike is heavy (~67 lbs). It is bit over-heavy to load and unload from our small SUV in folded condition with battery. Removing battery helps loading. But, still it is quite an effort. I thought I will give 3-4 stars because of its weight. But, it makes it up with its performance. Mountain near our place is around 1300 ft high and climb is less than 2 miles. It is quite steep. But, this ebike made the ride effortless. No heating or shutting down issues. I use this bike to commute to work. 35 miles in single charge per day. It is sufficient for my use. Range is subjective measurement as it depends on the rider, riding style, weather, route and tire pressure. Overall it is a great ebike if you are


Best priced bike for the money. Look how big the battery is. Nobody offers a better deal for what you all get.

Sam M

We purchased the GB 750W bike last year in black and have thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue to well into the future! The bike has been on many city, gravel and MTB trails and has always been reliable and powerful enough to even accommodate an adapter and child seat that we regularly take our niece on rides with.

Overall a great bike for the price and reliable, not to mention the great customer support we’ve received when needing some technical support.

*easy mount / dismount
*solid battery and power
*good center of gravity and adjustable controls

*back taillight and turn signaling is not bright/large enough to notice

I would have given the bike 4.5 stars if I could, our only complaint has been some better documentation on the computer and small issue we faced with the derailleur in 1st gear.


This is a really great bike. It came as advertised and was really easy for my husband to out together. The instructions were easy to follow. I am loving the 9 levels of pedal assist. Other than one discrepancy in the maximum tire pressure there have been zero issues. Definitely one to consider!


I love the GB750 Low Step Fat Tire. Owning and riding many other e-bikes at price points from $1,400 to $4,000, this one is the best. I currently own two older GB750 versions with combined miles over 8,000. Motor is smooth, quiet, reliable with good acceleration. The Mozo fork with lock out is perfect. It does not bottom on bumps like my older GB750 with a different brand fork. A perfect LCD. Large flashy color LCD’s take up to much room where you want a bag, speaker, mirror, phone mount and extra headlight. All this fits on the GB750. Most other LCD's do not show Volts remaining. Numeric volts remaining is a real value compared to inaccurate percent remaining or dot gauges. Volts remaining prevents range anxiety! Rock solid frame. Good 7 speed shifter; 9 power assist. The only necessary item to swap out on the bike is the seat. Get a Cloud 9 Cruiser seat, ride all day. When I need a fifth bike in the stable, I will get another GB750 low Fat Tire which would be 4 of 5 bikes being different GB750 versions. Also. I recently rode a similar bike that has higher quality components and is 52volt, 18amp battery with Bafang 750 motor and 26 amp controller. It cost $700 more than the GB750. The GB750 performed better than the "better bike on paper". The GB750 went more miles on a charge, accelerated faster from a stand still, had identical top speed, and was just as stable. This is an amazing testament to what Green Bike USA is doing with their manufacturing partner.

Greg D.

I really like my Green Bike. I have had it about 3 months now and have put more than 600 miles on it. None commuting, all out and return road rides. I do not use the throttle. I projected my range using both assist and level 3 and 4. With assist level 4, based upon distance traveled, battery percent used then projecting using 90% of the battery charge I have a range of 40-45 mile. Assist level 3 I have projected range of around 50-55 miles. Most of the rides are 20-30 miles, but one longer. Sooner or later I am going to ride with assist level 2 until I have used up 90% of the charge. Should be interesting.

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