GreenBike GB1 Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Customer Reviews

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Jacinto L

I have had this bike for about a year. I am about 230 lbs and 6'1". It allows me to exercise but saves my knees on the hills or just when I get tired. I have not had any issues with the folding bike.

Emil D.

We've had our bikes over a year now and finally got the opportunity to take them to Cades Cove in the Smokey Mts. Bikes performed extremely well on the 11 mile loop around the cove. They took the 5/6 long steep grades with ease and we had power left over at the end. Excellent product so far!!!

Mario R.

I love the style.... Easy to install... God speed and distance... The pedal assistance is awesome.. The price compared to similar products is worth it. Satisfied customer.

Brian D

It is a fat bike of excellent workmanship, very robust and fast. Excellent for leisure but I also use it to go to work in the crowded traffic of New York. Fantastic!

Claire B.

Make a man feel free again!

Gary H

This bike is awesome! I've only had it 2 weeks to be fare but so far it's great! I'm about 5'11" and weight around 190. I've been burning up my very hilly neighborhood on it and this is what I've got so far. On peddle assist low over several days I got a total of 28.3 miles on a single charge. I let the bike do most of the work up hills to see what I could get. You could go so much further I think if you peddled harder and if you were on mostly flat ground I would think you could go forever. On peddle assist mid setting all in one day I got a total of 13 miles. not sure if doing it all in one day or over several days makes any difference in battery life. I'm not going to see what it gets on peddle assist high because you can't even keep up with it when the motor kicks in. I am going to see what it gets on all electric using it like an electric scooter and will post later.
I don't have anything I dislike so far!
Update. After having it for several months I can say its an awesome bike. I ride it almost

Grace P.

The bike comes mostly assembled, but you need to install the front wheel, headlight, handle, pedal and seat. I wanted to ride it the day it came so I assembled it myself. It's not that hard to assemble.
My school has a lot of hills, (which is why I bought this) and it helps a lot to commute and get around the campus. It's really helpful so far except that it's a bit heavy. I'm a female college student and I CANNOT carry this bike up the stairs. Other than that, it has disk brakes, suspension, loud horn, 7 speed, firm seat. It's pretty good spec in this price.

Tara T

A very good product so far. Have in case car breaks down to get to work and to assist in daily biking.

David N

This bike is awesome and perfect for an 80+ year male oldster. Previously I had a 26 electric girls bike since I can't lift my leg high. I find this 30-inch bike adequate for getting my leg over the center bar. Another nice feature is its 65 lbs weight 20 lbs lighter than my old bike.

The speed control is perfect ranging from full electric to 9 levels of petal assist. It took about an hour to assemble with no problems. Its extremely easy to adjust the height levels for both the handlebars and seat.

I've had it two months now and It's still running great.

Douglas Omeara

My first E Bike and it works very good, I take it to the store, doctors, all are pretty close to my home. Green Bike hasn't disappointed - it's comfy and fast !!!! Plenty of power

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