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Customer Reviews

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Virginia Reyes

I'm the VERY proud owner of a Green Bike! I cannot begin to express my thanks to Green Bike USA for creating such outstanding ebikes!

Everything from the smooth take off, to zooming down the road to buy groceries and kitty food, this bike does it all without faulter! Learning to use the shimano gears, the right/left turning blinkers, were simple to learn. The nice loud emergency horn, alerting all other drivers and even stray dogs that sometimes tend to want to chase, is a blast, because everyone can and will see you! This is protection at it's finest!

This wonderful masterpiece is quiet, very reliable even when going up a hill, and a charge can last for quite some time. The LCD works very nicely and can be lit up for night time use. So many options with 9 levels of passenger assist modes, make this bike a suitable commute companion and your out there with safety! Such a blast and so much fun to ride!

The bike itself has a beautiful, sparkly paint job and great folding capability, and the fenders, back rack, were all created with the rider in mind and very comfortable. Did I mention it also has full suspension (G5).

There is just no way to not notice that a lot of thought, creating, and quaility have went into creating this brand of ebikes. I purchased mines used, and consider this a gem and I am thankful for having the privilege of owning one!

Danielle McCreery

A great bike for the money. For the e-bike, I have had it for a day so far and still have half my battery. The folding mechanism is quick and easy. I haven't had any problems with it.

Thomas Ward

This is a great bike. The kids love riding around on it. We both enjoy it. We bought it so we could ride it down 8 miles of rough road on a canoe trip. Did the job! Would have been a little nicer with suspension but the bike was out of stock. It serves its purpose and everyone is having fun with it. Thank you!

Vicki Schnurr

Two years ago I bought a pair of these to put in my 2018 Chevy Equinox. They fit behind the backseat leaving the seat available for use. I tow the car behind my RV and have enjoyed the bikes throughout the USA. So far I have had no problems with the bikes which I find amazing because I have ridden it on rough trails.

Vicki Schnurr

Love this bike. Have ridden it in pedal assist one for 20 miles and the battery has not lost any charge. It rides very easy and I also get a workout. I bought the saddle bags, do now I can go grocery shopping. The bags fit great on the bike.
This bike has helped with my back pain as I can sit upright and it has also helped with my bursitis in my hip. I am 66 years and love this bike.


I bought this eBike for about 6 weeks, so far I like it very much. Did some researches on the web but did not find too much information about GreenBike. I just took the chance and found it’s a good choice after using it for a while:
– it looks pretty cute and is well built
– I like a fordable bike to carry it on my SUV trunk, it also saved some space to store it in the garage
– its battery life is pretty impressive with its price. I tried 3 cycle of full charges and each charge can run about 40-45 miles. My route are mostly paved with some casual ups and downs.

J. Richard Norby

I’ve had the bike for about 2 weeks now. I drive it to work a little over a mile from home, I weigh 185 and this bike scoots me to work at 19 mph. So far, so good!!


I installed a set of WALD fold-up rear baskets easily but w/ some hardware tricks. Get a roll of plumbers strap (metal) and some small bolts & Ny-lock nuts. I then bungeed a WALD super paper carrier basket on top for HUGE hauling capacity.


great distance, great speed.
very happy with the product.

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