Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle

EcotricSKU: NS-SEA26S900-MB
Sale price$1,159.00

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Color: Black
Total: $1,159.00


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ryland Steinson

Absolutely love this bike got a second one. Please improve the seat it’s not comfortable

Raymond Acosta

I would like to order a battery and a decals.

Jolene Fisher

My husband and I both purchased our Seagull bikes so we could enjoy getting out on the evening summer nights. We’ve had about 5 rides so far and the furthest we’ve gone is 15 miles using mostly 5 power to help us up huge hills. When we got back we both had 3 bars of power. We feel we could have gone a lot further and been ok on battery life. My only complaint is the squeaky breaks. It’s so loud I want to avoid breaking. I’ll have to YouTube how to fix the. I put both bikes together... Read more

tremelling Paul

Love the bike great value for your dollar have 20 miles on and can’t wait till I can get on it again a blast to ride the only down fall ordered a bottle holder and it never showed up

Ashleigh Collins

Assembly was easy, we bought 2 bikes and they’re great. Plenty of speed and power. Riders between 175-200lbs and it takes off no sweat. Only issue is that the battery in the black bike doesn’t fit as snuggly as the white bike and will need a small shim so it doesn’t rattle. Still very happy.

Brian Williamson

3,700 miles over , under , thru around , in downpours , in heavy Snow , 2 ice storms , freezing temps, over 100 (fahren.)
On terrible streets .
My seagull never let me down.
Not once !!
Bye the way , I ride 7th gear , PAS set 3 .
This Ebike looks badass , sturdy
, Dependable , Fast , faster , fastest
I've raced my seagull (streets)
against Ebikes costing thousands , many Thousands more than my Seagull .
It impressed everyone riders and fans.
Best money I've ever spent on transportation

George Nonomura

In San Francisco it’s necessary to have enough power to climb steep hills. This bike has a 1000 Watt rear hub motor. At $1259 any other bike would have 500 Watt motors at most. Add to that it has a built in rear running light, front shocks, and an aluminum frame! It also has hydraulic brakes! If you were looking for a regular bike (not an ebike) with those same features it’d be at least $1200.
I tried it out on my usual test route. The Seagull climbed the steepest hill without me assisting. No, it isn’t the steepest hill in San Francisco but I know with a 500 Watt motor I always have to add some leg power. Normally I’d pedal constantly but this was a test of its power. It met my expectations. I’ll be doing more tests to see if it can exceed my expectations. So far, it’s a very good ebike and a big upgrade from the Ecotric Fat Tire Beach and Snow ebike.

Jim Newland

I purchased 2 seagulls, one for my daughter the other for my son-in-law. They were a huge hit. This was my 4th purchase from ecotric and we have been very satisfied with all of our bikes. I will be purchasing another very soon. Or first 2 bikes were tornados. Great company and great customer service. Keep up the good work.

Ken Lzar

Great bike, powerful. This is my second one. Love the body shape. So many people have made comments. Thanks for the great support Ecotric!

Christopher Cook

Best money I've ever spent on a bike , Compared to other more expensive Ebikes I've ridden ,
My Seagull looks better , rides better , performs better , the few minor upgrades and Tweeks I've done , well let's just say my seagull goes much faster than 20 mph.
A great ECOTRIC Ebike .
IN MY OPINION , the best .

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