Ecotric 48V Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike with Color LCD display

EcotricSKU: NS-FAT20850C-RD+HHJ850-RD
Sale price$1,109.00

xPark Electric is proud to offer your Ecotric 48V Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike with Color LCD display with:
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Color: Black
Total: $1,109.00


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Beralson Pierre

The bike is good but my front brake is not working properly

Hubert Strawder
Great Bike

Very well built

John Seavey

Goes great, takes a little bit to get used to. Not the best directions for putting it together but it is quite simple if you take your time.

Kelly Owen

Easy to assemble, fast delivery! Ride my bike almost daily and look forward to every ride

Daniel Meyer

We bought this ebike for our 15 year old son Nathan for his birthday. He's had the bike for a month now. Here are his thoughts:

Great bike. Fast, reliable, and has a long battery life. I ride it daily to and from my high school (six miles each way) and it never runs out of battery. The pedal assist mode is also very helpful because it allows you to maximize your battery's life. A few things I don't like about it are that the fenders are ineffective at keeping road water from soaking you, and the battery is located under the seat. If I were to bring my bike inside it would be nice to leave the battery in the bike, but It is inconvenient for me to have to take the seat off every time I take the battery out or put it in. Overall, I like the bike a lot and would recommend it to someone looking to buy an e-bike!

Barbara Rebelo

love this bike! best thing i ever bought with amazing quality!

Steven C.

I bought 2 of these one year ago in may or june of "21. We've taken these bikes EVERYWHERE! They work awesome on the beach as long as you're on packed sand. We live near Santos trails in Ocala Florida, awesome off road and paved trail systems here!. Excellent on wagon trails (dirt, packed dirt), not so friendly in soft sand so sugar sand or dry beach sand is almost impossible. We have logged hundreds and hundreds of miles on the Legacy Trail system in Sarasota Florida as well, mostly paved. We did attempt some real trail riding but found that the tires could NOT handle the rough surfaces like stones or branches. We had one incident where my front tire blew when we were 10 miles out. The large tires actually give you some shock absorption but we added new seat posts with springs and better seats. We have NEVER run out of battery! Not even close. Usually on 3 assist level and ride at a constant 10 to 12 mph ALL day long. I load both bikes on a luggage platform on the back of my F150. These bikes have been from Florida to Massachusetts and back. By far one of the best recreational toys we have ever owned! We often use them when we visit new towns or places. It allows you to travel and see large areas very quickly without getting exhausted!
The bikes fold up easily once you get used to the system. There is no fear of the bike collapsing or breaking once locked into position. These are extremely solid bikes. I've replaced both tires on one bike, and done the usual adjustments to the brakes, cables, etc. Basic bike skills allowed me to change the tires and tubes myself. I would bring it to a shop if you're not handy. The bike has built in safety features on the brakes and throttle that you wouldn't want to mess with. I wish the bike had the lights included but you can have a kit installed if you want. I use typical battery operated ones. The only other thing to mention is that the bikes are not overly heavy and taking the batteries out to carry helps. But they're pretty heavy to lift. We figured out a way to actually roll them while folded. I would say that these bikes are a 10/10. We are often stopped on the trail when people see us to inquire about them. We added really cool racks to hold all our gear when we go fossil hunting or bird watching. You can peddle as much or as little as you want and as hard or as easily as you want. It couldn't be any easier! You CANNOT beat the price for what you get. Exceeds all expectations!

Dustin Thomas
My new eco-track 48 V bike

I was excited to get this bike but since I had I’ve had complications with the battery coming out the bike turning off when I hit a bump and the screw hole stripping out where the battery is stabilized.

Jason L

Shipping was super fast and the packing was secure and tidy. Was easy to finish assembly with the included tools, and then only needed some fine tuning on the brakes. I really like the quality and feel of this e-bike, you can't beat the value. I really like the pedal assist with the option of using the twist throttle like a moped. The only issue is, the included front reflector does not fit well and I gave up installing it. I'll be using a headlight anyways. You can add a rear rack which I will be doing. If you plan to replace the seat you will also need a post.

Lowell Seidler

My wife bought an Ecotric a couple of years ago and convinced me to get one. These bikes are affordable and have been totally trouble free. If you want a fun way to get exercise but want the battery to fall back on, this is the bike to have. We are snow birds and haul the folding bikes north and south each year.

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