Ecotric 26inch White Lark Electric City Bike For Women with Basket and Rear Rack

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xPark Electric is proud to offer your Ecotric 26inch White Lark Electric City Bike For Women with Basket and Rear Rack with:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Deana Combs

The bike was a little tricky to assemble because we got instructions for a different bike. However, we were able to see what we needed on the site under the bike listing. I love this bike! It adds enough help to let me ride farther and makes the ride more enjoyable. I recommend it!!

Deanna McR

BUYER BEWARE ‼️ I Have a brand new bike that is useless with a faulty battery. For over a week I have been pleading with customer service to send me a new battery, which is what the tech support guy has said must be faulty. They told me if I sent video, and pictures they would send me a new battery. I did as they requested and instead of sending the new battery, they tell me they want me to send this battery back so they can refurbish it. Customer service consists of EMAIL ONLY communication over seas. I’ve been more disappointed than I can even explain. I searched for over a year before I settled on this bike.

Susan Ober

This is my first ebike. A friend helped me put it together. It came packed well. I haven't ridden a whole lot. So far I've enjoyed the rides I've taken, even one into the bushes! It's a lot for me to coordinate; the gear, the electric speed, steering, pedaling and looking where the heck I'm going. I'm certainly not what i used to be.
The sear and handles are wrapped in leather and it's a very sturdy bike. I live with hills in every direction and probably would have been better to get a more powerful motor. I don’t have great knees, thats why I got an ebike. Still figuring out how to not overdue the pedaling and still get some exercise. All n all happy with the bike. I ordered all the extras and then realized I did not need the lock, be mindful there is a no return policy on the extras.

Abel Lopez

Purchase two bikes, the lark and hammer.

Overall satisfied.

Issue with kickstand to Hammer and front wheel bolt.

Anton Rupert

This is a terrific e-bike at a terrific price.
I was new to e-bikes, but here is how this one works. The Pedal-Assist has 5 levels: at 1, you are providing most of the power, at 3, it is a pretty even split, and at 5 you are sitting on a "motorcycle" that will go about 20 mph with you doing no pedaling at all. You get to choose. At 3, with you pedaling, the electric power seems to last forever -- I believe it will go at least 40 miles without recharging; at 5 (with you doing nothing), it will easily go 20 + miles.
The power design is thoughtful. If you stop pedaling, the electric-assist stops too; it will only come back on if you (i) resume pedaling, or (ii) turn the handle-bar throttle. The first option means you don't feel out of control -- when you stop pedaling, it does not keep driving you forward on "auto-pilot;" instead, it "takes a pause too," with you. You can restart the assist by pedaling. If you want to go fast and not pedal at all, you can do that too; just turn the handlebar-twist throttle. These two features means you never feel like you are sitting on top of a runaway device. It takes a wee bit of getting used to -- you first time out should be in a park, not on a busy street -- but soon it becomes competely intutitive.
There are 7 gears/sprockets on the rear wheel, much like a normal bike; this will allow you to shift as you need to, and the gear shift lever is conveniently located near your right thumb.
The front basket is convenient for grocery shopping (or other shopping). The display screen tells your speed in mph, how much battery life you have left, and what level of pedal-assist you are on.
Everyone should get one of these; there is no reason to fire up an ICE engine and transport 2000 pounds of steel, just because you want to go to the store and pick up some eggs.

Kelly Thomas

First pedal assist e bike and I love it!

Robert B

The Lark has an aesthetically pleasing design coupled with high performance and functionality. From the protected spoke for dress wearing while riding design, to the cute bell and the convenience of the throttle feature, Ecotric delivered in a big way with this model.

Judy Gates

This is my first electric bike. My husband put it together and we have it charged. However, I have not ridden it yet. I want to make sure I am comfortable with all the settings before I ride. However, so far everything looks great. I think I will get a lot of enjoyment from it. The company was great and delivery was very fast. I would definitely order from this company again.

Teressa Ritenour

The weather hasn’t been the best to ride but I’ve rode it a few times. So far it’s a awesome bike

Debra Freeland

This is a great bike for the money. We looked at a lot if different ones and ordered this one. It is very well made and meets my needs.

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