Which electric bike is best for me?

The first step to finding your perfect e-bike is to consider what type of riding you’ll be doing most often. Just like traditional bikes, different types of e-bikes are designed for different types of riding, including mountain biking, city riding, commuting, and road riding.

What kind of e-bikes are there?
There are lots of different kinds of electric bikes, but most of them can be grouped into one of these three categories:

Electric hybrid bikes and electric commuter bikes
These popular electric bikes are available in a lot of variations. Some are designed for recreational riding, others are built for short city commutes and trips, and still others have more powerful batteries and faster motors ideal for taking on long commutes. These bikes often come with integrated accessories like racks and fenders.

Electric road bikes
These electric bikes are made for riding on pavement and are perfect for group rides, solo rides, and even commuting. They have sleek, discreet electric drive systems designed to give you a boost when you need to get up hills or stick with the pack.

Electric mountain bikes
Electric mountain bikes are built for riding off-road on designated trails. These bikes have all the technology and parts of traditional mountain bikes, but they also have a motor and battery designed specifically to help you tackle tough, mountainous terrain.

You can also find electric cargo bikes designed to let you carry huge loads, fat tire electric bikes (fat bikes) for riding in snowy weather, and even electric hunting bikes that make it easier to haul gear in and game out.


What are long range electric bikes?
Long range electric bikes are e-bikes that are designed to go a long way on a single charge. These e-bikes typically have large capacity batteries of 500Wh or more, and are often built with efficient motors that help maximize battery life. Long range electric bikes are favored by long-distance commuters and bike tourers who want to travel far without needing to stop and charge their battery.

Can you have more than one battery?
Yes! Several manufacturers offer the ability to add an additional battery to your electric bike. This is a great feature for avid e-bike riders and long-distance commuters. Typically the electric drive system controls how power is pulled from the two batteries, so there’s no extra fuss or hassle for you.

What’s considered a fast electric bike or speed pedelec?
These electric bike have special motors that are capable of sustaining faster speeds than typical e-bikes. In the US, speed pedelecs are considered Class 3 e-bikes and can assist up to 28 mph. A fast e-bike is the best electric bike for commuting, especially if you have a long distance commute. They also come in handy if you want to be able to get places even more quickly.

Electric hybrid bikes and electric commuter bikes
Want to commute to work, hit the market, head out to dinner, or just ride for fun with friends? These bikes are perfect for all that and more. And they come with useful features and accessories that make choosing your e-bike over your car a no-brainer.

Electric road bikes
Electric road bikes are great for pushing through long training rides, riding with faster groups, and getting a bit of boost up hills. It’s not cheating—it’s getting to do more of what you love. These bikes can also be used as commuters.

Electric mountain bikes

E-mountain bikes let you ride longer and hit more trails. Use the assist to power up climbs and save your legs for more descents. Explore trails you wouldn’t have before, knowing you’ll have the juice to get back to the trailhead. Plus, you can shuttle yourself back up the mountain.

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