How xPark can Increase Your D2D Sales.

For many businesses, door to door sales (D2D) is one of the most important forms of lead generation. However, roughly 30% of the time D2D salesmen are on the job is completely wasted. That’s right, 30% of the time is wasted! Studies have shown that around 25-35% of a D2D salesman's time is spent walking from door to door. So for every hour a salesman is on the job, about 18 minutes of that time is spent on walking, a task that brings in no leads, no sales, and fatigues the salesman. Sales is the engine behind any strong business, that is why xPark has partnered with many businesses in the past to equip their salesmen to make more sales!

What xPark can do.

xPark Electric Rides is one of the leading electric scooter, bike, and skateboard retailers in the United States. We partner with dozens of suppliers and manufacturers to provide customers with the best electric rides on the market. While xPark started out working with individuals and families to provide them with the best electric rides, now the company has expanded into partnerships with businesses as well.

For example, Last year xPark partnered with a gutter replacement company in Georgia. The company had 13 D2D salesmen who did their job well, but were not getting the numbers that were desired. So, the owner of the company reached out to xPark and asked about the possibility of getting some electric scooters for his salesmen. After helping the owner pick the right scooters and negotiating the best possible bulk discount, xPark sold 15 electric scooters to the gutter replacement company. In just two weeks, the company's sales increased by 25%! Here’s how the numbers make sense:

Numbers Never Lie.

Here are some key facts:

  • The average salesman spends 30% of his time walking while on shift.
  • On a standard 5 hour shift a salesman will spend an hour and a half of that time walking.
  • The average salesman walks 3-6 MPH.
  • The average xPark electric scooter goes 20-25 MPH.
  • The average salesman can knock on 80 doors in a five hour shift while walking.
  • The average salesman can knock on 110 doors in a five hour shift on an electric scooter.

Salesmen don’t get sales from walking, they get sales from knocking on more doors. Using electric scooters can significantly increase the amount of doors that can be reached in a shift, translating into more sales. But if these numbers don’t illustrate the power that having electric scooters can have enough, consider these facts as well:

It’s a Tax Write Off. Our scooters cost $450-$1,000 per unit depending on the quality and specs. Spending significant amounts of money is always a barrier to making purchases, even if those purchases make you much more money than they cost you. Thankfully, you can look at buying an electric scooter for your business as free because it is a business expense, and consequently, a tax write off! Even if you are a salesman looking to buy your own personal scooter, this can be considered a tax write off as well. 

Best prices possible.

If you are buying in bulk, xPark is able to offer significant bulk discounts to give you the most value for your money. Recently, we had a pest control company purchase 30 electric scooters. Generally the scooters would have cost $599 a unit, but because of the bulk discount, we were able to secure our client 30 electric scooters for $507 a unit, saving them almost $3,000. 

Why not buy your salesmen an electric scooter?

After reading through this information, the only question that’s left is why haven’t you reached out to xPark to increase your sales? Whether you are a business owner looking to buy a fleet for your sales team or if you are D2D salesman yourself who wants to increase production, xPark is here to assist you. If you have any questions, you can reach out via email at, or you can give us a call at (804) 991-8549. 


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